Here is my new boat.  It is a 1998 Regal LSR 2800 with a Merc 454 MPI with a Bravo III outdrive running a 26" prop, and now with Captain's Call through hall exhaust..  It tows really well sitting on the triple axle trailer, which is great until it is time to buy tires.  The boat is super nice and rides great even on the roughest water.  I wish it went a little faster, but that will come later with more time and more money. (mostly more money).  The Regal has everything from a bathroom, a sink and a shower in the back.  The tower is custom made by BareWest towers and holds 4 wakeboards on one side, an Airchair on the other side and tons of lights and speakers.  It also has Camper Canvas and fillers cushions for the seats that make into a bed, great for those weekend get aways to the lake.  The stereo is awesome pioneer p7100 MP3 cd compatible, XM satellite radio, CD changer, 3 amps, 6-6.5" speakers in the boat, 6-10" subs to pound the water, and 8-6.5" speakers on the tower about 2500 watts of power.

.  Well, here she is just wanted to throw some pictures up.


This is the "Sky Ski" better known as the airchair.  It took me a long time to learn how to ride this thing.  I really enjoy it though because wakeboarding so much was getting rough on my knees.